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Toolbox - Love

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Toolbox - Love

Before Noon - Love Toolbox is for those seeking to bring more love into their lives - whether love of others, self-love, or a bit of both. You are loved and worthy of love, why not remind yourself of that every day?


  • Gently light the Smudge Stick for 10-15 seconds and use the smoke to cleanse your space
  • Hold the Rose Quartz Crystal over your heart
  • Lightly press the Calming Serum onto any of your nine major pulse points, we recommend applying pressure at the point located in the webbing between the base of the thumb and base of the index finger for about one minute
  • Complete your favorite mind, body, or spirit exercise from your Workbook; jot down thoughts and feelings

Included in the box: 

- 1 Small Smudge Stick
- 1 Small Tumbled Rose Quartz Crystal
- 1 30 Days of Healing Workbook
- 1 15mL Calming Serum (pump included)


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