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The complete Vanlif Book

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The Complete Vanlife Book


MåL: 22 x 2,7 x 28 cm

Cover: Hardcover

Sider: 256

Sprog: Engelsk

  • Van vacations and van living has attracted a new following at a time of increased outdoor-oriented travel
  • An attractively priced re-issue of The Rolling Home Presents the Culture of Vanlife
  • An inspiring book about the freedom and mobility of van life written and compiled by the editors the Rolling Home Journal

From the fringes of society to the envy-inducing images on social media, how and why has vanlife become more popular than ever before? What does this tell us about our love of travel and our ideas of home? And how do camper vans address issues of minimalism, freedom and sustainability?

The creators of The Rolling Home Journal bring you a timely, attractively priced reissue of The Complete Vanlife Book, with essays, interviews, illustrations, and photographs that tell you everything you need to know about vanlife culture. On a practical level the authors impart the basics of compact interior design and van conversions, along with inspiring personal accounts of living and travelling by van.


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