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Clay : Contemporary Ceramic Artisans

Sprog: Engelsk

Forfatter: Amber Creswell Bell

Clay - Bog

2. sortering - Har et tryk på forsiden.

Format: Hardback - 256 sider 

Mål: 20x 28 cm

Vægt: 1,140 g

Publiceret: 21 feb 2017

Ceramics is back in a big way, experiencing a steady surge of interest and popularity not seen since the 1970s. The return to the handmade, driven by our increasingly digital lives, means there are now more makers, sellers, and collectors than ever. There is also a new desire for unique objects made by hand and the imperfections associated with the marks of the maker. Pottery captures this authenticity in ways no other medium can.

From decorative pieces to the beautiful but functional, to sculptural works pushing the boundaries of the medium, Clay surveys the rich creative output of fifty of the top studio potters from around the world. It is a celebration of a new generation of artisans working in clay, a snapshot not necessarily of what is happening at the elite gallery level but rather a behind-the-scenes look at unique and eclectic offerings, both functional and sculptural, from small studios around the world.


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